Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am very angry because I signed up for Adsense with big dreams of someday having my wildly popular blog support me and what do I find yesterday evening and then again this morning---Ads about repealing the Health Care Bill-I support health care reform and I absolutely support President Obama-In fact, my husband and I do not have health care insurance at this time because we cannot afford to pay for the insurance offered through his job-I will work on trying to insure that the ads that pop up are more in line with my real beliefs- xo

Monday, October 25, 2010

That turned out to be not the brightest idea that I've ever had...

Just a quick note to all of you mom's who have had terrible scenes when out with the kiddos--Today I was smart enough to take Soren and Serena with me first to City Market, to pick up the last few things on my list, and then to the library because I had told Soren that I would-
The grocery store was really fine except that both kids needed donuts as soon as we walked in the door-Serena used to be content with one of those free cookies that they have set up on a tray for good kids-But now that she has seen Soren getting a big, sugary donut every time while she has had to be content with a tasteless cookie, she's become wise and will settle for nothing less than whatever brother is having, which today happened to be a star shaped glazed donut with Halloween colored sprinkles-That kept her busy for pretty much the whole time, but Soren took a few bites from his and then shoved it into a tiny compartment at the extreme front of the car that was attached to the front of the cart ("I put it in the oven, Mom") and decided that I needed help with my shopping, which translates to, find random things and throw them into the cart, climb on top of the car and sit backwards, tumble head first into the main part of the basket, or hang on to the side of the basket and drag your feet while mom is trying to push
-Today I escaped relatively unscathed, with only two things that were not on the list--a package of pepperoni, because, "Daddy needs his pepperonis," and a box of fudge brownie mix-Everything was just fine until we got to the checkout line-Soren climbed into the main part of the cart and insisted on handing each item to me, one at a time, to place on the conveyer belt-When that was all finished, we pushed the cart through the gauntlet of candy, which reminded Serena that she likes to try and grab as many packages of candy off of the kid level shelves while being pushed through the gauntlet as a way of proving that she has, indeed, entered toddlerhood-So, she started screaming and then Soren decided that he needed to grab onto my leg and try to bite me-Everyone was staring at us--The checkout lady, the bag lady, and the lady behind us in line, who, I noticed had no pepperonis or fudge brownie mix in her cart, and I was trying my best to not blow up at Soren and to ignore Serena's screeches so that I could pay and leave-We still managed to end up with two bags of M&Ms, which made both kiddos happy once they were safely strapped in their car seats, in the van, but might have led to the checkout events at our next stop, the library-

So, WE LOVE THE LIBRARY, but I live in constant fear that Soren's shenanigans, or my inability to return items on time is going to force them to revoke our cards and post signs forbidding our entry at any Mesa County Branch-Today, things were going okay at first, considering that fact that both kiddos had just consumed almost a full bag of M&Ms each and were on a serious sugar rush-We chose DVDs and Soren was playing on the cute wooden car in the children's area and he hadn't screamed at any other children to get off of said car-I was busy choosing books (Soren's interest being limited to DVDs at this time) and keeping one eye peeled on both kiddos, when Serena toddled up and I smelled something-And, yes, she had pooped but it was like a poop punishment from the M&M gods because it was spilling right out the top of her diaper and threatening to begin the journey up the back and out of the pants-So, I gathered the kids up as fast as one can in such a situation, which means that it took me five more minutes to get them to the check out line-So, I sat Serena on the counter so that she wouldn't run away and then realized how bad she smelled but it was too late and then Soren wanted to sit on the counter too (of course he did) and so I had both of them up there and the bags with the DVDs and books wedged in between but my library check out lady was obviously disapproving, so I took Soren down, which caused him to begin...a tantrum-YAY-So, I was trying to explain to him how it hurts my feelings when he kicks me, and how pinching is not a good choice, and how we are in the library and need to keep our voices low and that we won't be able to come back and check out more DVDs if we make a hole in the wall at the library and he looks me right in the eyes and screams as loud as he can, "THAT'S A BIG FAT LIE," and I said, "Soren, it hurts my feelings when you speak to me that way," and he said, "AND THAT'S ANOTHER BIG FAT LIE RIGHT THERE".-Meanwhile, Serena's on the counter and I know it stinks to high heaven and I am hoping that the poop hasn't started coming up and out of the back of her pants, which the library check out lady would be able to see before me and I just started to laugh because there was just nothing else to do to make it all better-So, that's the end of my library story except that I did have to write a check for $17.00 worth of overdue fines for Soren and my library cards-I hope that when Mesa County does more renovations to the Central Branch that they will consider building a special Mother's Room and naming it in my honor...Crazy Mommy--But then again, maybe by that time we will be banned-Who knows- xo

No More Muffin Tops

I broke down and bought larger pants this weekend-Sigh-Losing the weight to get into my size 8s, which fit just fine last spring, just isn't happening fast enough (maybe large Cokes with light ice from the McDonald's drive thru every mid-day could explain that??) and I was tired of having a muffin top and feeling uncomfortable in everything I wore, except, of course, for workout pants-I got great used jeans at the Heirlooms for Hospice store in downtown Grand Junction and and a great pair of J. Crew pants at Uptown Again, on 25 Rd.  At least if I'm going to have to spend money on bigger pants I can buy them at thrift/consignment stores-Last night I went through the ritual of taking the size 8 pants off of the hangers and tucking them away in my bottom dresser drawer, with a promise that they will see the light of day very soon-So, now I can breathe during the day in pants that are the proper, larger size-Big Sigh- xo


Rainy day and now we're all clean, thanks to yet another mama and two babies shower!-Headed to the library, where hopefully it won't cost too much to replace the Dora the Explorer and Posy the cat books that Serena most recently destroyed-I'm thinking that if this keeps up, our family will provide the library with enough funding for a new wing, to be named after Serena, of course!-This weekend, instead of having alone time on Sunday to work on Halloween costumes, I was slave to sweet husband's procrastination-Love him-Hate his lack of planning-Hoping to work on plans for a short getaway for Procrastinator and I very soon-Otherwise, we may forget each other's real names and always refer to each other as 'Mommy' and 'Daddy', even in adult only social situations, as has been happening quite frequently lately- xo