Friday, October 22, 2010

I know that other people must feel this way

For so long all I wanted was to be a wife and a mother and now that I am I feel like I'm going crazy and I feel so guilty that it's not enough-This is not the happily ever after that I imagined-It's messy and I'm exhausted all the time and my husband and I hardly have any time to talk, let alone do other things, and the days are too long and the nights are too short and I'm too friendly with large cokes because they get me through the day and I feel like I'm now living in some other woman's body (this other woman doesn't exercise enough, drinks too much coke, shaves her legs very infrequently, has white hairs, bags under her eyes, crow's feet, her mother's hands, not enough patience, no idea how to get her son to go poop on the potty, can't fit into her size 8 pants, and avoids going to the pool at the gym because she doesn't want to go bathing suit shopping)-This other woman also screams at her kids, lets them watch tv, and says yes to fast food and donuts at the grocery store-She also writes in this blog while her little boy dumps all of the potato chips out of the bag onto the table and her little girl rips a page out of yet another book (at least this time it's not a library book) xo

Bumpy Chips and Popcorn Chicken

This morning, S took his dad by the hand and said, "Come on Dad, we're having a party," and I said, "Is there going to be hot tea there," and Dad said, "S, is it a tea party," and S said, "No, it's a bumpy chips and popcorn chicken party".

When I was still single and watching other people's children, I used to listen with disdain as they worried because little X wouldn't eat what they fixed or anything at all and then everything, and I used to think, oh, why are you worrying so much??--Little X will eat when he's ready--It's not like he's going to starve himself---So, now that I'm mother to 3 1/2 year old S and 18 month old C and they won't eat anything that I fix for the rest of the family, everything that comes within reach, or only popcorn chicken, bumpy chips, and grapes, depending on the day---I understand-So, sorry parents of little X for being such a know it all, even if it was in my head.