Monday, October 25, 2010

No More Muffin Tops

I broke down and bought larger pants this weekend-Sigh-Losing the weight to get into my size 8s, which fit just fine last spring, just isn't happening fast enough (maybe large Cokes with light ice from the McDonald's drive thru every mid-day could explain that??) and I was tired of having a muffin top and feeling uncomfortable in everything I wore, except, of course, for workout pants-I got great used jeans at the Heirlooms for Hospice store in downtown Grand Junction and and a great pair of J. Crew pants at Uptown Again, on 25 Rd.  At least if I'm going to have to spend money on bigger pants I can buy them at thrift/consignment stores-Last night I went through the ritual of taking the size 8 pants off of the hangers and tucking them away in my bottom dresser drawer, with a promise that they will see the light of day very soon-So, now I can breathe during the day in pants that are the proper, larger size-Big Sigh- xo

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